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FeOpsConf Takeaways & Tools


Here are my main takeaways from FeOpsConf 2014. I've also aggregated and categorized all of the tools that the various speakers mentioned. For some fairly comprehensive notes, check out my Day 1 and Day 2 notes.


Lifecycle Logging

One concept that was brought up a few times was "lifecycle logging". This means making your app rather chatty by default; having loads of log, warn & error statements in the code that explain the state of the app at all times. BazaarVoice ships with this logging in production but it is disabled until a specific cookie is set in the browser. That way when an issue is reported, it's easy t debug in production and get closer to the root cause.

It seems like a good idea but I'm a little concerned about the extra amount of code and what kind of impact that may have on slower/mobile browsers.

Visual Image Diffs

It seemed like every other speaker was talking about visual regression tools. But I also think it would be hard to see through the noise. Most development is going to cause a change and on purpose. Image diffs might be a useful tool for QA when doing a full app regression, but I'm a little dubious about how helpful they would be to me as a developer.

Web Performance as a Cultural Good

This was the big takeaway for me. Ensuring that your app is a high level of performance is not the responsibility of any one person or department. Its not front-end's job nor is it QA's or anyone else's. It should be a cultural value of the organization. Everyone should know and care about what the goal is and the entire team should work every day to meet/exceed that goal.


Automated Browser Testing

Visual Regression Tools

Web Application Performance

Styleguides and Documentation

CSS Testing & Optimization


Code Coverage



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